NIT Trichy(tiruchirapalli) placements for M.Tech. comparison between NIT trichy and IIT guwahati

many students have confusion between  IIT Guwahati and NIT Trichy which is better. let me clear all confusion.

comparison between NIT Trichy and IIT Guwahati
1) this two college has a big difference in placement point of view. 
thermal-           almost 90% manufacturing- 90% industrial-          85% safety- not good energy- not good welding- 60-70% average package- 6-7lacs/annum
note:- 1) you can see NIT Trichy placements are based on your specialization. but in the case of IIT Guwahati placements specialization doesn't matter for placements no one knows specialization students will be placed.   
2) Avg. package of NIT is low. after completion of your PG from IIT, you will easily get that much package in coaching/college or Off-campus placement. 

2) This article has been written from a mechanical perspective. if you compare for other branches no doubt IIT is far far better than NIT in every field. average package of IT/CSE/EEE/ECE is quite high in IITs and a…

IIT guwahati placement statitics of mtech(pg)


2018 placement statistics IIT GUWAHATI PG(MTech)
PG (MTech/M.Des)
Department-    % of students placed  - Avg. package(lacs/annum)
CE-  27.27:
ME- 56  :  8-9
EEE- 69 : 12
CSE- 93  : 16
DD-   75 :
CL-   20 :

IIT guwahati last year cutoff for all branches you can from below link
iit guwahati last year spot round cutoff
it varies every year depends on many things

MS  program in IIT guwahati procedure and benefits and other things.    all about IIT guwahati MS(energy science) for low scorer

2019 placement statistics IIT GUWAHATI PG(MTech)

ME- 36% CSE-100% CE-42%

doing is worth or not/ life in IIT

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IIT Guwahati energy science (MS) program

IIT Guwahati has MS program in energy science. Process is similar to PHD scholar.
1) gate marks should be approx 40-50 marks. Range is not compulsory if you have low gate score you can apply. Basically any gate score can apply
2) you have to clear written test.
3) most important is you have to face Interview.

For future point of view this is good option.

1) you will get opportunity to work big mega projects in energy field.
2) you can go abroad for researchs.
4) you will get internship opportunity in this particular area.
3) you will also get stipend (12.4k)
1) negligible placement.

You can check other for low gate scorer Options

Application link apply link IITG
last date-08/04/2019

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IME(industrial management engineering) IIT kanpur through gate-2019

Industrial management and engineering is one of a good option for mechanical students because after completing graduation from mechanical engineering many students lost their interest from mechanical. no hard and fast rule for the mechanical graduate student to pursue their master from mechanical. this for better than taking admission into lower IITs like IITG, IITR, IITBHUB, IITH. its my personal experience as aIITian from IIT GUWAHATI(IIT Guwahati placement) and not much interested in the core field. other institutes are available for this course like NITIE, IITB but not easy to getting admission.

written: aptitude reasoning.
interview: they can ask anything from mechanical syllabus(Thermo, FM, operation research, industrial, etc).
see this depends on your luck. many faculty ask from OR and INDUSTRIAL section. but sometimes they go through thermodynamics and other mechs subjects.

application link for IIT Kanpur IME apply link

admission procedure 1) you have to apply for thi…

IIT GUWAHATI cutoff for all branches

all cutoff are scorewise 2018 upto spot round

1)CSE cutoff gate 2018 for admission

GN-   769      327
OBC-  678     800
SC-     450(approx)
ST-    410

2)MECHANICAL cutoff gate2018 for admission
scorewise cutoff
              gen- 770
thermal & fluid

computational mechanics
gen- 743

CAM &mfg

aerodynamics propulsion

A)VLSI(100% placement)
GN-  712 OBC- 680(approx) SC-  420 admission without/low score gate

two types of colleges are there in India where you can take admission for without GATE 

1) IITs or reputed colleges:-
     a) IIT Hyderabad:- 1-year course facility in IIT HYDERABAD with or without gate (gate doesn't matter). you have to perform a written test and interview. but you will not get any stipend. you have to complete your course within 1 year. placement is similar to the 2 years program. you can search for it.
25000/credit b) IIT Kanpur winter session admission:- iitk has a winter session admission facility for students. who have a very low gate score should try this program because it would give you a lot of know very well hows IIT life meaning of the IIT tag. no one asks about your gate after admission in IIT. The only thing matter is what you are gaining because of IIT. but you have to perform well in an interview and the written test. I think this is very good opportunity f…

IITs and NITs admission link

iitb cutoff

IIT Madras registration linklogin


IIT kanpur pg admission link

IIT rorkee link

IIT DELHIPG admission


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 CSE(computer science engineering) cutoff for scorewise

cat    score    rank(approx)

IIT Guwahati(2018)

GN-   769      327
OBC-  678     800
SC-     450(approx)
ST-    410

IIT Bombay(2018)| 

GN-   862
OBC- 763
SC-    620
ST-      501

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IIT bhubaneswar cutoff for mechanical

last year last score who got admission was  obc-650  Gen-710 70% weightage gate score 30% weightage  interview and written test
   mechanical system design gen:- 595- 605      obc:- 535- 545      st/sc/pwd:- 400- 41

Thermal Sciences and Engineering gen:- 595- 605      obc:- 535- 545      st/sc/pwd:- 400- 410

important points to get selection:- if you are serious about this then start preparation for the interview and written test. there is a fair chance for selection

placement:- almost 80-90% for mechanical students. only 3-4 students dont get placement  Shortlisting and Selection Criteria a) The shortlisting of regular candidates for admission into M.Tech. Programmes will be based on GATE score only. The fixing of cut-off score for candidates in different categories shall be as per the norms of the Institute.

b) Selection of regular candidates is based on 70% weightage for the GATE score and 30% weightage for the performance in the Written Test and Interview.

c) The final selection of regu…