IME(industrial management engineering) IIT kanpur through gate-2019

Industrial management and engineering is one of a good option for mechanical students because after completing graduation from mechanical engineering many students lost their interest from mechanical. no hard and fast rule for the mechanical graduate student to pursue their master from mechanical. this for better than taking admission into lower IITs like IITG, IITR, IITBHUB, IITH. its my personal experience as aIITian from IIT GUWAHATI(IIT Guwahati placement) and not much interested in the core field. other institutes are available for this course like NITIE, IITB but not easy to getting admission.

written: aptitude reasoning.
interview: they can ask anything from mechanical syllabus(Thermo, FM, operation research, industrial, etc).
see this depends on your luck. many faculty ask from OR and INDUSTRIAL section. but sometimes they go through thermodynamics and other mechs subjects.

application link for IIT Kanpur IME apply link

admission procedure
1) you have to apply for this course from IIT KANPUR portal 
2)written test will be conducted. this is elimination round means written test does not have any weightage  for the final selection list
3) after that you have to give an interview which has 30% weightage (70% weightage to gate score)

note:- if you perform well in the interview your name will be definitely shortlisted because  every applicant has approx similar gate score

how much gate scorer should apply GATE score
GN= 690-740

eligible branches:- mech., cse, ece, production industrial, instrumentation. blindly do not follow about this you should check once in the official website 

there are many subject to choose after getting admission for the engineering student
main course
                                                                                  avg package
 1)operation research-                                               8-9lacs/annum
2)analytics/machine learning/artificial inteligence - 9-10lacs/annum
this is quite good for mechanical engineering students

one more thing many students ask about stipend in this. so you will definitely get a stipend(12.4k) in IITB, NITIE, IITK all other IIT because this course comes under category

#IIT Kharagpur  also have this program

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  1. what should be the preference for mechanical engg in IME, ?

    1. Its depend on your interest. Because plcmnt is almost similar

    2. If you ask me. ML, Analytics,ooperation would be my preference

  2. I'm from mechMechan engg, learning new stuffs would be challenging, and I already filled form so can't change anything


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