M.tech admission without/low score gate

two types of colleges are there in India where you can take admission for M.tech without GATE 

1) IITs or reputed colleges:-

     a) IIT Hyderabad:- 1-year m.tech course facility in IIT HYDERABAD with or without gate (gate doesn't matter). you have to perform a written test and interview. but you will not get any stipend. you have to complete your course within 1 year. placement is similar to the m.tech 2 years program. you can search for it.
b) IIT Kanpur winter session admission:- iitk has a winter session admission facility for m.tech students. who have a very low gate score should try this program because it would give you a lot of opportunities.you know very well hows IIT life meaning of the IIT tag. no one asks about your gate after admission in IIT. The only thing matter is what you are gaining because of IIT. but you have to perform well in an interview and the written test. I think this is very good opportunity for those students whose concept is clear. but anyhow not able to convert into gate marks. they can easily crack the interview. 

c)IIIT Hyderabad

d) you can check for college of engineering, Pune (good placement)

e) IIT madras iit madras has two types of m.tech course
    1) with the stipend
    2) without stipend
  it's obvious without stipend m.tech course cutoff would be very low so can apply for it. but you will not 12,400rs stipend.  
F) IIT GUWAHATI:- IIT GUWAHATI has energy science MS  program which is similar to m.tech. Detail

2) local state college:- but you will not get any stipend if you have not qualified gate exam

3) low gate scorer  can also get IIT interdisciplinary branch you should check this cutoff  interdisciplinary cutoff 

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  1. Please share me procure of mtec admission in IIT Hyderbad without Gate

    1. https://www.iith.ac.in/index.php/admissions/pg/

  2. You have shared a nice article here about the M.Tech admission. Your article is very informative and useful to know more about the best Placement Engineering Colleges. Thank you for sharing this article here.


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