NIT Trichy(tiruchirapalli) placements for M.Tech. comparison between NIT trichy and IIT guwahati

many students have confusion between  IIT Guwahati and NIT Trichy which is better. let me clear all confusion.

comparison between NIT Trichy and IIT Guwahati

1) this two college has a big difference in placement point of view. 


thermal-           almost 90%
manufacturing- 90%
industrial-          85%
safety- not good
energy- not good
welding- 60-70%
average package- 6-7lacs/annum

1) you can see NIT Trichy placements are based on your specialization. but in the case of IIT Guwahati placements specialization doesn't matter for placements no one knows specialization students will be placed.   

2) Avg. package of NIT is low. after completion of your PG from IIT, you will easily get that much package in coaching/college or Off-campus placement. 

2) This article has been written from a mechanical perspective. if you compare for other branches no doubt IIT is far far better than NIT in every field. average package of IT/CSE/EEE/ECE is quite high in IITs and also because of IIT life is far better than NIT. you will learn a lot more than NIT not only in the subject point of view. you will know the real meaning of engineering life. trust me. you can go to my blog of IIT life IIT life

all above analysis are my view. 


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